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Welcome to my Home Page. I am Dean Sharples (Deano) From Manchester, UK.

I was born in Rochdale, UK in 1969. I grew up with an interest in computers and started off programming with a BBC Micro at school. After leaving school I wrote my first games on the BBC and Spectrum. Later I progressed onto the Atari ST and Amiga and finally the PC.

I am a keen writer and I have written many articles and tutorials over the years. I wrote for various Atari ST diskzines such as Stosser, Power and ST Plus. I have also written a number of short fiction stories which you can find on this website.

In the 1990s I formed Silly Software and released a number of software titles for the Atari ST and Amiga which you can find a link to on this website.

If you wish to contact me the please email me.

Dean Sharples


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