The Correct Mindset

THE CORRECT MINDSET Applying the correct mindset means to focus on a set of rules and stick with them. The following rules apply to building your home business. Focus and apply them at all times and never consider giving up. Tell yourself that failure is not an option. There is nothing complicated about building a […]

Home Business Basics

Many of us dream about starting a business from home and enjoying our freedom but don’t know where to start. In this article I cover the basics that you need to know about starting a home business. AFFILIATE MARKETING Despite what all the get rich quick stories tell you, the only way to make money […]

Love Thy Neighbour

It had been six long months since Sandra left. She couldn’t put up with me any longer. Hardly surprising as I’d been a poor husband to her. During our four years of marriage I had foolishly gambled and drank our income. I couldn’t control myself. For years I enjoyed life to the full. I drank, […]

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